If you’re planning a trip to South America, you’ll want to travel at the right time. Certain seasons are far more expensive than others. Traveling at the right time can save you money and help you to have a more pleasant trip.

One of the best times to go to South America is in October. During this time of year, the temperatures are fairly moderate. You won’t be overwhelmed by the heat. In addition, this is a time of lower activity. There won’t be many crowds, and a lot of resorts will offer lower rates.

As an added bonus, there are a lot of festivals that take place in October. You’ll be able to see things you could only see during this time of year.

January is another great month for travel. If you’re sick of cold weather, you’ll be thrilled by the moderate temperatures. January is a more popular travel time than October, but is less busy than February and March, when many people take spring break trips.

If you’ve always wanted to see South America, you should try to travel there as soon as you can. No matter when you take your trip, you’ll enjoy seeing a fresh new part of the world.