South America has a wealth of excitement, fun and thrills to offer the many guests who make it their destination. With a varied and rich history, coupled with incredible people, delicious food and an overall feeling of stepping into a completely different universe, a trip to South America is always a memorable one.

If you want to be sure that you remember your vacation in South America for all the right reasons, there are a few items that you should definitely not forget to pack! Here they come:

Mosquito Spray

Why mosquitoes have to exist, is a thought that crosses my mind nearly every time I travel somewhere that is blessed to home the irritating beings!

If you’re travelling to South America you need to be especially careful of these guys, so be sure to invest in a great protector spray.

Sun Screen

The sun in South America is very hot, with the ability to burn your skin within minutes.

If you don’t fancy sporting a crimson red body throughout your vacation, then make sure you bring a high quality, and high factor, sun screen with you.

So there you have it my fellow traveler; South America is an adventure waiting to happen. Just be sure you pack high quality insect sprays and sun screens, then all that’s left to do, is have an amazing trip!