South America is full of great countries to visit, and you’re certainly aware that the summer Olympics were just held in Rio this year. Do you have a particular destination in mind? One of my friends traveled to Chile while in college and ended up staying there for years. Granted, she was traveling there to teach English, but she enjoyed the culture and lifestyle so much that she called the country of Chile home for quite some time. Thankfully, she writes for a blog ( so she was able to write from the hotel to keep her job! Aside from Brazil and Chile, there is also Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela and more. If you’re not very familiar with South American countries and their cities, you might want to plan a trip to a few of them at once. Take the tour, so to speak, and you can also look at the top attractions and which ones you want to visit.

When you’re traveling South America, some of the great cities you might want to visit include Lima, Santiago, Buenos Aires and Cusco. Just in Buenos Aires alone, you have great attractions like Puerto Madero, Recoleta and Teatro Colon. Of course, you might be looking at these attraction names and thinking there is a language barrier involved when looking up information about things to do. That’s why you will want to find out information about all the attractions you plan to visit. When you’re visiting a foreign country like South America, you might as well have an itinerary for sure. If you’re still trying to figure out what part of the continent to visit, you can skip the southern portion because that isn’t where everything is located.

If you take an opportunity like my friend did, you can travel to South America and see all of the sights without having to fork over a ton of money for vacation expenses. While she was in Chile, she visited many places in other countries. She was also in South America during different times of the year, taking part in holidays and festivals. If you think that opportunity sounds good to you, look for how you could live and work in South America or awhile to experience the culture there. Otherwise, it’s time to plan one big vacation so you can get around and see as much as you can. Hey, you can always come back and visit when you have more time.